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Ultra Synergy Consulting’s data analytics services empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. With a commitment to excellence, the company helps clients unlock the full potential of their data resources.

Our Key Services

Accountancy & Tax Analysis

Ultra Synergy Consulting specializes in data exploration, cleaning, transformation, statistical analysis, and crafting visually engaging dashboards using Power BI and Tableau. These services enable clients to derive meaningful insights from complex data sources.

Data Analytics Services

The company designs customized dashboards and implements Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking systems to provide real-time access to critical business metrics.

Economic Policy Analysis

With expertise in Python-based predictive modeling, Ultra Synergy Consulting forecasts future trends, facilitates customer segmentation, and helps companies anticipate market shifts.

Educational Services

The company offers competitive analysis and cost optimization services, aiding clients in identifying opportunities and challenges within their markets and operations.

Data Analytics Services

Ultra Synergy Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics services to empower businesses with data-driven insights and enhance decision-making processes. Leveraging an extensive skill set that includes Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and Excel, Ultra Synergy Consulting delivers tailored solutions to help companies thrive in a data-centric world.

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At UltraSynergy Consulting, we believe that financial success is built on a foundation of sound financial management. Whether you’re an individual looking for personal tax services or a business seeking expert financial guidance, we are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Meet our team

Dr Stephen Asafo Agyei

Co-founder of Ultra Synergy Consulting & Partner

Denis Paa Kwesi Rigglets

Co-founder of Ultra Synergy Consulting & Partner - Chartered accountant

Eric Arkoh

Co-founder of Ultra Synergy Consulting & Partner Data Analytic Expert

Dr Philemon Opoku

Managing Director of & Partner

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